Help please

First I want 2 say hi everyone, nice forums

Now I have this problem, I backup my DVD’s With cloneDVD everything work fine, the only problem the I have is ,I cant play the DVD on my comp, went i put the movie on my DVDRoom it open the vts folder,I use WinDVD5,And PowerDVD5,but I can watch the movie in my regular DVD Player, so the movie work, but not on my comp, this happen only went I backup my DVD with clone ,if I do the backup with DVD x copy or diferent software it work fine, I have A SonyDRU-500A-X

please sum1 help me, thanks

What brand/model of PC DVD-ROM?

What vts folder? You mean vts file?

I can’t see this being an AUDIO_TS problem but maybe it is?