HELP! please

I am having a problem with my setup, it has suddenly started to come up with “failed to write end track” errors. At the very end of a burn instead of writing the lead in and out after the progress bar gets to 100% the orange LED comes on (as if it was buffer underunning) and stays on for 20-30 seconds then I get a disc failed error message. I am running windows xp pro, nero with the default win xp writing software turned off, ASPI 4.60…my writer is a liteon ltr40125w with the latest ws05 firmware (it did this before I updated the firmware)…I am getting a bit sick of constantly correcting problems with this setup and I am considering giving up on trying…this is a last chance effort for me to get help…thanks for any advice…dave

I have had the same problem. It only occured after burning two or more cd´s, so I related it to be a heat problem. In thoose days I had a Sony CRX100. It was 3 years old, so I changed my burning habit. Only two cd´s per session. Then I let it cool for an hour or two. I don´t know if this is similar to your problem, but this is how I worked around mine.

Cheers PTR65…Iwill try to reproduce the problem by doing constant burns (simulations), then set a given time between burns and check to see if it improves…by the way welcome to the forum!!!

Couldn´t resist such a good forum. Have found much help here.