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Ok my friends and I chipped in and bought a cdrw drive. My friend’s cds that he burnt for me worked fine in my cd player. Now when I took the cd burner off his computer and put it on mine, the cds also burnt fine except they won’t play on my cd player. I’m using the same brand of cds he used, but they won’t play in my cd player. They play in my computer and almost everywhere else, but not my cd player. What should I do?? What could be causing this???


asuming your talking about audio cd?

give us more info about writerbrand and pc config. and burn prog.

perhaps your cd player can not read multiread cdrw?

or try burning at a lower speed. [2x]

audio players have sometimes difficulties with reading cdrw.


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The cdrw drive is an acer 6206a. I’m recording at 1x speed and using cdrwin 3.8a fullversion. I understand that alot of devices have a hard time reading these, but my cd player read the same brand of cdr cds before the only difference is that it was burnt on a different computer but with the same cdrw drive. What pc configs are you looking for?


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whats wrong try perhaps a differant prog to burn with?

its very strange?