Help Please



My one year old PLEXTOR 8/4/32 won’t write disks past 70%. I’ve used 8 disks trying to fix the problem. The problem first showed up when I bought some gigastorage cd-r’s. Gigastorage worked for me before. I’ve tested 8 of these disks with no sucess. I have no other media to test my writer on and I don’t think it is the cd’rs that are broken.It must be my writer. could someone please tell me how to fix this problem or atleast if it is worth bringing in to get repaired? could it be the cd-r’s?


I would still suggest trying another brand of CDR, it might help.
Even if these CDs work in another writer it is no guarantee that your writer is broken (for example, my father has a writer that refuses Princo CD-R, but has no problems whatsoever with no-names, Traxdata or Philips; some brands are just particular about the CD-R to be used).

If it is an IDE writer, check your DMA settings.
Is it with both data and audio, or only with audio or data?

First I’d suggest you try another brand of CD-R.


As taxman says it could be a bad batch of cdrs, I had some traxdatas bought at same time in boxes of ten 1box ok 1 box not only difference was the typeface of the minute ID-code printed around the central hole. Try another brand,also try cleaning your burners lens, oh yeah and run a defrag. Hope this helps,



Thanks for the help. I’ll have to go get some more cd’s to try using.