Help Please

How do you take off copy protection when you are trying to copy a dvd using nero 9 :confused:

I have the same problem, i purchased a movie by itune and i am trying to remove the protection to play the video with my WDTV.

I tried using Aimersoft Media Converter but i didn’t work. it might work for you.

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The forum rules (please read) are pretty particular about not removing copyright protection from DVD’s, etc…
But, if you own the discs & would like to create a back-up:
Download DVDFab. It is a trial version, but the HD Decrypter section never expires & it will decrypt standard DVD’s.
Use DVDFab to “rip” the DVD’s contents to your hard drive.
I hope this helps.

Copyright protection is a [B]legal[/B] term, which grants certain rights regarding publication and distribution of an original work to the author of that original work. It cannot be “removed”, though the author can grant access to the work, and the copyright only lasts for a specified length of time.

Here at MyCE, we help people who have purchased copies of various types of media, and who wish to make backups as part of their fair use rights. This includes both physical media and legal downloads.

Use DVDFab (as recommended by chosenfew777) or AnyDVD to break encryption on commercial dvds or blu ray disks.

For Z41dQ8’s purchased iTunes video, try Tunebite.