Help! Please

OK I’m really hoping someone will help me with this. I bought a dvd player for my computer and installed it (brave of me, huh?) I unplugged everything from the cd player that was in it and re plugged everything back in to the dvd player exactly where they were in the cd player. Now, I assumed that when I turned the computer back on it would say something about recognizing new hardware and all that, but, (this is what I get for assuming) it didn’t. Now, when I go to my media player, it says I don’t even have a cd player. So, any ideas on what I should do? Thanks:o

Is your dvd drive an IDE/PATA interface drive? Does it hook up to a large, wide, flat cable? If so, you have to make sure that the little jumper on the back of the drive is set correctly. Look on the back of the old drive and see what the setting is with it. The jumper is a small piece of plastic with metal inside, that connects two pins.

There are three settings for the little jumper, Cable Select, Master and Slave. If you hooked up the drive to the very end of the IDE cable, set the jumper to Master. If you hooked up to the middle connector, set it to Slave. Cable Select allows the computer to determine this, and it works for the vast majority of computers, but some don’t work well with CS (usually very old computers).

You also have to plug in the power cable, but it can only go on one way.

:eek:I will check that in the morning and let you know what happens. Thanks a bunch. I’m exhausted right now, I’ve been on here all day.

Ok, I lied. I couldn’t sleep til it was done. It worked. It works now. Thank you very much. I knew to do that, but somehow I skipped that step. Anyway, another question. During my day long process of trying to complete this, for some reason I thought that I needed an MPEG-2 decoder. I got this idea from going to Microsoft website to try and figure out why it wasn’t working. So, I spent $15 on one. Would I be assuming correctly that I probably didn’t need it?

Won’t hurt to have one, since it can be used in Windows Media Player, but there are a few choices for free players that can handle mpeg2/dvds for you.

If you want to look into them, they are VLC, Media Player Classic and Media Player Classic HomeCinema. All easily found via Google. And there are probably more but these spring to mind.

Glad you got your drive working.