Help Please!

Hello forum members!

I’m in desperate need of help! I’m trying to burn a mix CD from itunes, but hte computer will not recognize my CDs. I have used them before to burn documents and pictures from other computers, and they appear on my computer- but when I insert an empty CD it does not “realize” I’ve even inserted it!

The CDs I’m using are maxell CD-R 80 min. I have the latest itunes on a windows XP, newly purchased computer.


Thanks, Ornat

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Do other burning programs detect the CD-R, or is it just iTunes?

If you need to check & don’t already have another CD burning program [besides Windows’ built-in burner], just download ImgBurn and see if it recognizes the disc as blank or not. :flower:


I downloaded “Burn my files”, and it doesn’t recognize the CD either. Neither does “my computer” (but it does recognize the CDs with pics on them)

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In my country it’s almost 3 AM now, and I need to be up early. I’ll check the website as soon as I wake up, so please keep trying to help!

Thanks, Ornat

Oh, I’m sorry! Didn’t realize :frowning:

Sometimes iTunes does this if you have other burning software installed. Try reinstalling iTunes…