Help Please

I am a newbie who needs help…I have just built me a new computer and I am trying transfer music from a computer using a flash drive. However, when I get done with the transfer all my music files have the extension (.rax) and Windows can not play them!

Some of the music was purchased at the REAL PLAYER Music store and some was from CD’s I bought. However, all the music was organized using REAL PLAYER…Now I can not move it to anything and play it?

What do I do? I am so sick and tired of DRM’s I could scream! Actually I already have!


Help Please?

If it is organised and played using Real Player on the original PC, then you will need to install Real Player on the new PC in order to use it.

First I want to thank you for your help.
OK…I am mad…Is there anyway that can remove the DRM/copyrighted crap and play MY MUSIC where I want to play when I want to?

Seriously mad! :a

Looks like you can use RealPlayer to burn the rax files to disk as an audio cd. This will remove the drm and you can then rip back to the hard drive as whatever you wish. This discussionis from 2006, but I hope it is still valid.

I think I’d get a cdrw disk for this and use it over and over again till you have all your files transfered back to the hard drive in another format.

That’s the byproduct of using a proprietary format. Until recently, even mp3 files downloaded from sources such as iTunes had DRM which only allowed them to be played on the original computer or from an iPod.