HELP please!



Okay so i’m new to the whole burning Dvd’s from torrents and etc. I’m using a download program called bit lord and have recently downloaded a few Serious, The problem i have is i don’t know how to burn them to a DVD format that a normal dvd burner can read in order to watch them on my computer i had to download a media player called VLC media player and it won’t just let me burn them off of that so that they are readable. I’m really confused and i know it might be annoying cuz i sound like such a newbie but the help would be really appreciated, if you need any more info about the files just let me know


If the downloaded material is copyrighted - even if you had bought them or own the retails - is illegal.

Just read the rules please.


Is it avi format or dvd,


@Sanjula: please do not ask questions about illegally obtained materials. Respect CD Freaks by respecting our rules!

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