Help! Please...?

Ok, I’m a total noob, and I’ve never been here before… I just have a quick question that hopefully someone here has an answer to. I apologize if this question has already been asked and answered elsewhere in this forum, but I’m too lazy to read through every thread and post here.

Anyway, I’m using Nero StartSmart V6.6.0.1 and I was wondering if it is possible to burn .avi files onto a dvd in order for them to be viewable on a standard (non-pc) dvd player. . . ? The player in question is a wal-mart bought magnavox portable player, not sure what model, but it’s brand new and pretty fancy… Well, if anyone has any helpful info it would be much appreciated.


Can no one give me any useful information??

Use Nero VisionExpress…I use Nero 7 and I’m pretty sure the process is similar so bear with me if it is a little different.

Open SmartStart and then choose VisionExpress, then choose made DVD-Video. Browse to your AVI files and import them into your queue. Click next, do not create menu, click next…preview your project and click next. Select your HDD as your target for the project, Click write. This will convert your AVI files to a DVD compliant format for playing your standalone player. Once the conversion is complete you may need to run the VIDEO_TS folder through Recode in order to compress your files to fit onto a single DVD-5, then you can burn the movie onto your disc.