Help please

i am have alot of problems burning dvds now.
i was using dvdfab and it all started this month with the dvd
player telling me invalid disk some times the ps2 will read it then
says unable to read
i have tryed dvd decrypter with using ripit4me and still the same problems
silent hill is what im having the most problems on along with a tons of others
this month.

any one else having these problems or any idea on what i should do/use?


RipIt4Me will do this movie with ease if it is configured properly and there is nothing running in the background like AnyDVD or DVD43.

but for simpicity of use, you don’t have to do anything with anydvd, just let it run in the background :iagree:

i’ve watch the animated guide to use ripit4me and all i can say is f**k that, clonedvd & anydvd any time :wink:

While I personally agree with you on CloneDVD/AnyDVD, R4M is not exactly difficult to use. :slight_smile: And the latest features are quite nice, I’ll admit. Anyone wishing to stick to freeware should give it a good look. Nonetheless, the CloneDVD/AnyDVD combination is a damn good one and VERY easy to use. I highly recommend it, as well.

i am able to burn it and have the dvd player read it now im have very bad
lag… glitches im only burning it at 8x
how can i fix that?

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sorry guys

still having lag in the video and audio

You apology is accepted ,now read the rules and try to post in a way that will benefit you and the other forum members. This forum means alot to us and we do not want to have it endangered by people looking for illegal ways to obtain software.

When you buy the software, you will get more help.

i am just using the trail verson now, but is there any settings that would stop that. it almost seems like it is skipping…
im using a lite-on sohw-1693s burner and its all updated i havent had any problems with dvdfab or shrink doing this.
im kinda lost…¿ :wink:

Your problem is likely another media induced problem. People need to understand that the quality of media you burn to is highly important to the health of playback. I’ll ask the same questions I’ve asked others with similar problems…that is, will it play on the burner that made it? What type of media is it? + or -? Have you used this media before? Is it being bitset if it’s +?

yes it plays on the burner but it still acts like it is skipping not as bad of course,
i always use the +'s and im not sure what bitset is…
i noticed that if i lower the burn speed it seems to be better (about 30% better @2.4x)
but it still had alot of chops in it.

Brand of media? And if possible media code would be nice. I’m helping someone in another thread with very similar problems. He has decent media but I’m thinking his player sucks (damn Sony’s…I wish I never bought mine). If you’re getting skipping problems on the burner that made the disc, even if it’s not as bad, then your media quality is HIGHLY suspect. Verbatim media is what I use and never have problems with it even on my Sony. That’s not a guarantee it’ll work for you, but, verbatim is considered a good brand.

Memorex Dvd+R has done great before this month im not sure if it is the brand or just this month. Rv, insideman and scary movie 4 burned and worked great on my ps2 but my dvd player would read it at all “invaild disk” those are on the same disks. used dvdfab plat.

i dont know if you use clonedvd2 or not but when it starts to burn they have a bit thing that shows you in a graph silent hill peeks the top of it alot.

all the other dvds say around in the middle or so… i just tryed to burn it again >.>

Oh hell. Memorex. NOOOOOOOOOO. :slight_smile: Memorex is a brand that likes to buy media from the lowest bidder. Sometimes you make out well, sometimes you get the worst crap on earth. Get some verbatim media as they are stable, quality media. That’ll solve your problems.

LOL I second SamuriHL comment.

ok i just got verbatim dvds gunna see right now

ok media was the problem. the 1st dvd i burned with verbatim@8x was good till scene 2 then all heck broke lose again.

i have burned it a 2nd time with this media@4x so far no problems

i would of never of thought it was the media…

Samuri HL Thank you so much.
And Alan Congrats on Mod.

You’re very welcome. Media quality is a very important factor in getting a decent backup. That’s why I swear by Verbatim. They’ve never let me down. Glad to see you got it sorted out.