With most drives, OEM versions don’t come with bundled burning software and IDE cable. With LG writers, OEM models can be totally different models which may not have firmware support from LG (long story behind it). Put simply : OEM is ok if you have an IDE cable and burning software already for any drive EXCEPT LGs.

LG internal drives + external enclosures will result in the fact that you cannot burn faster than 12x. This is a long complicated tale of people who went through lots of trouble trying to get that to work and never succeeded beyond that point. So the 4167B is out of the question. Don’t get that.

The 5163 however, will reach 16x. It has both USB2 and firewire interfaces. Btw, you are going to need USB2 for a 16x burn.

I’ve read of quite a few people who had problems using IDE to USB cables with internal writers. The usual result is that it won’t burn any faster than about 8x.

Nope. You need special lightscribe discs for that and they are generally more expensive than standard discs.

Look, you’re making life too complicated for yourself. Ask yourself two questions :

  1. Can I be bothered to go through the trouble of experimenting with using an external casing and an internal drive? This includes finding out what casing works best and actually fiddling around with getting it to work.

Yes=buy the external case + BenQ 1640/1655 or Sony 810
No=buy the 5163

  1. Which is cheaper, the external casing + internal drive, or the 5163?

External casing+internal drive is cheaper=buy ext case+int drive
5163=buy the 5163

After that it is only a case of whether price or effort is more important to you.

The thing is that if i am indede going to spend that extra 20$ bucks on the 5163 , i want to be sure i get 16x on it with USB and that it isn’t too bulky. That’s all …

Isn’t there like a tried and tested external case(USB)+drive combo which i can buy ? :frowning:

PS : Could you gimme a site with a good price for it ? Best i have right now is 94$ …

Hey , i see the LG 5963 doesn;t support DVD-R DL . Is that a problem ? It supports only DVD+r DL

Correct. It’s hardly a big deal though because there is little reason to use DVD-DL discs. They have some worse compatibility with DVD players than DVD+DL because the standard is too new. Aside from that. there isn’t any real advantage to using DVD-DL over DVD+DL. Both generally cost about the same. You’re not really losing anything.

I cannot give you exact comparisons of those two in performance terms. For that you’re going to need someone who has got both and tried them against each other.

But is there a tried and tested combo of an external case and one of the drives that i mentioned ?

Chuck everything else. Have decided to go for either the BenQ 1640 or Sony 810 + an external Case. Please , someone give me a final recommendation for both and safe websites where i can buy them from. Thanks.

Anyone ? :frowning:

aksmohan, don’t take me wrong but now it’s up to you to make some searching and decide what to buy. :wink:

You got all advices and assistance needed. If you don’t understand take your time and read around again or visit a local shop for additional advice.

We are all here for free so please respect this. Stop bumping!

Sorry mate. I’m in a hurry because someone else who’s visiting the US is supposed to get the burner for me.

So again … same Q …^^^