I have two computers , a notebook and a desktop.

I can buy either a Seagate 120GB Hard Disk with an External casing or a DVD-Rw with external Casing or the LG GSA-5163D (External DVD-RW

What should i get ? :S …

Will the transfer speeds be affected cos of the casing ?

Which is the best company for the DVD-RW ? I need to choose from these 5 if i get a normal DVD-RW+Casing -
Benq16X Dual Layer DVD Writer DW1640
SONY DRU-810A DVD Burner
Lite-On SHW-1635S
LG GSA-4167B
Lite-On 1963s

Please help me decide.

Also , if i use the external casing , do i require some sort of power supply ? :S

Thanks a lot …

External enclosures typically have built-in power supplies, so that’s not an issue.

Transfer rates may be, depending on your requirements. You will probably get high-teens to mid-20 MB/s with an external hard drive. 16x DVD drives have read curves that go from 9 MB/s on the inner part of the DVD to about 22 MB/s at the outer end.

Finally, of the drives you listed, my favorites are DW1640 and 810A (they are the same hardware under different brands). 4167B is a close second.

I did have a DW1620 and DW1640 in an external enclosure and they required limiting burn speed to 12x because USB2 interface couldn’t supply data to the drive fast enough for 16x burning (it will complete the burn fine, but the transfer rate will show an ugly slowdown at the end).

So, either solution will work. If you need your 120 GB constantly online, the hard drive is the way go. If you need more space for offline storage or occasional use, the DVD drive will give you effectively unlimited space.

So can i burn at 16x on the Sony thing via USB ?

And what are your views on the LG 5163D ?

I basically nee storage for Divx’s , game iso’s , softwares etc.
So should i get the HD or DVD burner ? :S …

Edit :

I did have a DW1620 and DW1640 in an external enclosure and they required limiting burn speed to 12x because USB2 interface couldn’t supply data to the drive fast enough for 16x burning (it will complete the burn fine, but the transfer rate will show an ugly slowdown at the end).

And yeah , so if you use a casing , you DON’t need an external power source but if you use a cable like this you do ? -

And does the LG 5163 require external power ?

Thanks a lot for you previous reply. :slight_smile:

Okay, if you insist. I decided that the DVD drive is better for you. Yes, I like the 5163D. It’s a good drive, and good-looking too. Buy it. [I have a 4163B, which is the internal version of this drive, and like it better than the newer 4167B.]

5163D comes with a power supply… it’s not inside the enclosure, but rather an external black ‘brick’. Just put where you cannot see it, it’s no big deal.

The limit to burning speed is because USB2 cannot sustain the speed needed to burn at 16x. Some chipsets get very close to 16x and one or two may actuall do it.

Firewire will support 16x burning speeds because of the way it handles the data over its bus (USB needs CPU intervention, firewire uses DMA for transfer).

BUT all this has another problem. The drive that you are burning to in an external enclosure also needs to be UDMA4 compatable to allow it to reach 16x. The BenQ 1640 is only UDMA2 BUT can be cross flashed to the external varient and this enables UDMA4 and 16x burning over Firewire.

I would recomend the DW1640 (crossflashed) and a Prolific 3507 enclosure.

Is the external power thing really big ? Coz otherwise i really like the 5163 …

PS : Isn’t the 4167 faster and supposidely better ?

Cross-flashed ? You mean flashed with some other drives firmware ?

Isn’t that tooo risky ?

Isn’t there any other writer from the list (se my first post) that can get to 16x ? :frowning:

You can see the power supply in the photos here:

And, 4167B is only faster on DL DVDs, at 6x vs. 4x for 4163B/5163D.

By buying 5163D you avoid potential problems with your enclosure pick. Many enclosures only reach about 15 MB/s with USB2. 5163D won’t have this problem.

Thanks. So with the 5163 i’ll get 16x ?

And what are your views on this = ( SONY DW-Q30A)

Heard it’s same as the LiteOn 1635S but not sure…

Is it better than the BenQ and the other Sony ?

Yes, 5163D should reach 16x. It’s a much safer bet than assembling your own external DVD drive.

I personally wouldn’t touch 1635S/Q30A due to lower high-speed burn quality but many people find them okay or even like them, so I may be prejudiced here.

Unless you are willing to experiment with different enclosures, firmware patches, crossflashing and such [which you are not inclined to do, it seems] LG 5163D is the best choice. It’s a good drive and it should be well under $100 now, so get it already.

Thanks a lot for tht. 16x on USB right ? I don’t have firewire …

Although if itds very slow on USB then ill get a PCMCIA to Firewire …

Thanks again.


I’ve decided to go for either a 5163 or a BenQ 1640/Sony 810 + External Casing.

Can someone tell me which case is best with the 2 drives and what speeds can i get ?

Also , If i cross-flash or wateva , do i get 16x ? Is it very risky (or has it been done b4) ?


For the BenQ1640 you will need to go for a Prolific 3507 chipset based case & download the BenQ external firmware. More info on this can be found in the BenQ forum here.

If you flash to the external firmware you will get 16x burns over firewire but probably only 12x over USB (USB needs CPU control to send data & cant maintain its 480Mbps rated speed, firewire uses DMA transfers and can maintain 400Mbps speed)

Flashing to the external firmware will invalidate your wrnty on the drive so make sure it is working correctly before you cross flash. Most of the time if you have a fault it is usually still possible to cross flash back to the correct firmware for RMA perposes.

No idea about the LG drives as I have never used one.

Could you give me teh name of a case with that chipset ?

Is there a really noticable difference bw 12x and 16x coz then i’ll get a PCMCIA to Firewire card …

So basically the whole thing will cost me -
$60 - Drive
$20 - PCMCIA to Firewire
Casing - ???

Plus i need to buy a power adaptor right ?


What’s the difference between OEM and Retail version ? :S

LG 5163D(around$95)/(Sony 810/LG 4167/BenQ1640/Benq1655) + PCMCIA to Firewire + External Enclosure ???

Approx what’s the speed and quality difference between using an external enclosure or IDE to USB/FireWire cable with a Sony 810/LG 4167/BenQ1640/Benq1655 ?

Does lightscribe work on any disc ?

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Anyway , i need help ASAP plz. …