Help Please!

Hi guys,

would be eternally grateful if you could help. Bought dvd for kinds who have habit of destroyin em so- need to back it up just in case.

So far have decrypted

Shrunk using DVD Shrink

It appears on my pc as ISO FILE - i only have record it! as burner. But if i open up file iso that dvd shrink made it font open???

I can play on hardrive though IFO file


Cheers :sad:

Use DVDDecrypter. Mode -> ISO Write. Many people prefer that method as most reliable, myself included. And welcome to the forum. :wink:

[EDIT] DVDDecrypter available here:

You Can also use Nero or Roxio to burn it :iagree:

The film is sat in my C drive as film title.iso -but when i double click on it it does not open up?? Tried openin with WinDVD but does not play anything??

Need to be able to burn now that i have shrunk it but cant even open it from c drive as the shrunk version??


So all I need to do is before decrypting change the dycrypter to ISO write mode?? I assume that this is from file and will give me option mode??

If i decryp like this and then shrink with DVD shrink -will it work??

Then can just open iso and it will play and then just burn iso to disc which will then play on my disc???




Yes, poor English aside.

  1. Install DVD Decrypter
  2. Run DVD Decrypter
  3. Mode->ISO->Write
  4. Choose the file
  5. Hit burn (don’t forget to pick the speed of the disc)