Help please

Hi i didnt know where to post so i poster here.Here is my problem when i inserted a dvd movie in my sony dru 720a then i went to my computer and double clicked the drive it says 'window cannot read from this disk.This disk might be corrupted,or it could be using a format that is not compatiblr with windows

thanks in advance

Hi :slight_smile:
Not enough info what software if any do you have ie: AnyDVD PowerDVD
It may be a region problem in which case AnyDVD will help if your OS (Operating system) may need additional drivers PowerDVD will help
If you have already tried these then more info is required

Umm i tried nero showtime to try to watch it though but when i selected a drive it said there was no disk in there.I also tried anydvd if it was a region problem but with no help.

Hi :slight_smile:
Not using Nero Showtime myself not sure what that does ( bet someone out there does) Try PowerDVD

ok ill try it but the drive wont read the disk and i cant even explore the disc to see what files are on it.

Use a freeware tool like VLC and check the drive with other similar discs.