Help Please



any help here would be appreciated…
…I am at my wits end…
…a while back I copied some JPG files to a CD … most pics were copied/saved in folders on the CD and a few others were not in folders, …I’ve been trying to access these files and all of the pics within the folders on the CD will not preview (thumbnail) nor pull up in XP or any other picture program … these files do show up and can be copied, but not opened…
…the pictures that are not in the folders work fine, so I know its not the disk itself, or I think its not the CD??? …

I need some major help or direction please!!


Have you tried copying them to your hard drive, and then right clicking each one and changing the properties so that they are not read only? Then try to open then with photo editing software and see if they work. If that fixes it, use nero to make a data cd, and burn them to a new cd.


…I did copy some of the pics to my desktop, however, when I go into ‘properties’ for each none are selected for read only … the only thing selected from the 3 attributes to choose from is ‘archive’ … the other two, ‘read-only’ and ‘hidden’ are unchecked…
…I’ve tried to open with different photo program and with the standard XP viewer…nothing works so far??
…thanks for the help…what else should I try??


Which photo programs have you tried? What does it tell you when you try? And, have you tried accessing the files on this PC from other CD readers on other pc’s…


I tried Ulead 8.0 (i think) and Microsoft Picture it v.7 … both say “this file cannot be opened” … I’ve tried my home pc and my office pc and both get the same results …
…the odd thing is, all the pics, the ones that work and the ones in the folders, were burned at the same time, in the same burn job/project …


I hate to say it, but it sounds like either bad cd quality, or corrupted files.


thats what I’ve been afraid…thanks agian for the help
…also, are the really ‘cheap’ cd’s bad to use?..


I think you’ve answered your own question there… :wink:

(Yes, cheap CD’s are … cheap. And given that expensive ones are only 10 cents each, it makes no sense to buy cheap ones.)