Help please!

I have just tried upgrading the firmware on my father in laws Freecom classic 8x DVD external writer. I used this version from the Freecom site.
Freecom DVD±RW8J1-FW-USR2
When the drive is recognized as the below ID string, please use this firmware.

Freecom DVD±RW8J1-FW-USR2
It seemed to go ok but now the drive is dead :frowning:
Is there any way i can get it working again? Does anyone know how i can reflash it back to life. Any help would be much appreciated.

Which Freecom model do you have?
You can find FW for Freecom FX50 model 16B9 2.48 & 2.49 here:

You can often resuscitate a dead DVD by flashing the FW from a floppy disk using the bin file rather than flashing from windows. You need to follow directions exactly and make sure there is no disc in the drive and that you have disabled any direct-writing software that is trying to access the drive. The power must stay on until process is complete.

Search the forum for this and you will find better directions since I have not had to do this my self. Also read sticky

on how to flash from DOS instead of Windows. Good luck.

Thanks i will try that. I am not 100% sure which model it is. It has a silver case and black front. How can i find the actual model? It is serial number 4441105727

Open the case and you should see a label on the actual drive with make and model number. Let us know what it says and perhaps someone can point you in the right direction :iagree:

Ok it says, Model number R8-A2 (MS-8408A) It appears to be an MSI drive.

Well it is goosed :frowning: i tried it on the IDE channel and it wont let windows boot. Would any internal writer fit in the case? It is for my father in law who prefers external stuff, i was thinking of buying him a new drive and connecting it up like this one was. Is this likely to work? Thanks

Yes, any IDE DVD burner should work

Thanks. :slight_smile:

I would suggest that you put the drive directly on a IDE channel and not in an external enclosure when you try to flash the FW. That may have been your problem to begin with. After you flash the FW, then put it in the enclosure. I also recommend the NEC 3500 or 3520 OEM to replace your Freecom. Good luck.

I think i will go for one of those. Thanks for the advice. I have never had a problem before but mine have always been internal ones.