Help please



Hi as I posted a few days ago Ive just got a ND3520A. After taking the advice of making sure the drive works properly I am now satisfied that it is after burning a few dvds and cds. So I ask and if anyone could show me what are the steps I need to make my drive multi regional? An answer of flashing it wont help me as I wouldnt even know how to do that. Possibly if anyone could give me a step by step or even point me to where there is one.

Thanks in advance for the help



1 make sure there is no disc in you’r writer then create a folder ie
saved firmware where you will dump your original firmware

2 download the firmware

3 extract the zip & open

4 double click LD 3520 1.U9 Firmware Package.exe

5 click dump which will save you’r original firmware &
save to the folder you previously created

6 then click flash then then you will get a message click yes then
it will start to flash you’r firmware
the you will get another message click ok

7 then reboot


Thank you very much for your time and help. One question though. When I am swapping between region coded DVDs it asks me (PowerDVD) if I want to change the region. It started off at 4 and is now at 2. I dont want to change anymore incase it locks the player on a region I dont want. Am i reading this wrong?



No u read this right.Use anydvd or dvd region free


As loki said, you can use AnyDVD which runs in the background and removes CSS, Macrovision, Analog Protection, and other types of DVD protection on the fly and also makes the drive completely region free. This will take care of the annoying prompts from PowerDVD as well. AnyDVD has a 21 day free trial and is $21 with life-time upgrades. Great products at a great price and the support is really unbeatable for what you pay for the program. I’d highly recommend it. :bigsmile:


Ah I get it I have to get a copy of the program anyDVD. I thought the process of flashing the drive made it Region Free



It does, but there is still software based region settings in the computer and that is part of the reason you are getting the prompts. I’m not sure if it’s a way to bypass that or not. I just use AnyDVD and kill it all straight from the get-go. It has a few other tricks it does or can do as well so it’s well worth the money in my opinion and on a 21 free day trial you can’t go wrong. Should be enough time to see if you like the program. :slight_smile: