Help Please

OK, I have a eVGA NVIDIA 6800GT. I uninstalled my old drivers. Went to the NVIDIA website and downloaded the new beta drivers for windows XP. Now when I play my Lord of the Rings Battle for middle earth the pictures are all distorted. Need some help. Could the problem be because I installed beta drivers. There were only 2 options. Beta drivers or Linux and FreeBSD. I didn’t know what FrreeBSD was. Is that what I am suppose to download.

when you mean distorted to you see lots of dots or lines or blocks of colours??? is it only on that game that this happens or is it on other games?

You want the latest forceware package v66.93 which has support for all the latest PCI-EX cards. Works great for me. Completely uninstall your old drivers and restart before installing the 66.93 package. Download here: