Help Please

Hi peeps, first post, so if this is one of the forums where newbies buy a virtual round, the bar is open, my tab.

Now then, I’ve just purchased a Liteon 5005. I want to record via the dv input, footage from my pc. What I want to produce is a DVD disc which will autoplay in other set top boxes. I work for the local rugby club and want to produce DVD’s of the games.

Trouble is, when I’ve recorded and finalised, and put the disc in my other DVD player, theres a sort of menu which I dont want. I simply want the footage from my PC to autoplay, simply put, I want to put a disc in, and the game starts playing. Any ideas how to do this??

Please bear in mind I’m a total newbie to DVD recorders, so any suggestions in Jack and Jill language please.

Thanks in advance,


Don’t know if this will be of any help, but I have taken the completed disk out of my 5005 and processed it as a normal movie backup. The result was a copy with no menus, and it started playing immediately upon insertion into the player. You might give this a try and see if it works for you.

I think the short answer is no, at least for the current version of the LiteOn 5005 which always create a menu.

What the previous poster is saying, I think, is that he could extract the video out from the LiteOn discs (using a PC and programs such as DVD decryptor or DVD shrink and others) and then create a single DVD video without any menu using a DVD burner on the PC and DVD burning programs such as Nero or others.

mmmm, been checkin on some other forums about this, doesnt seem I am going to be able to do what I want. Not giving up just yet tho, thanks for the replies so far, anyone any other ideas, apart from re encoding in my pc