Help please xp loads but only black screen appears

why is this happening to me:Z
i need some help i cant get into the login menu

Can you boot into safe mode? Is this a desktop or laptop? If a desktop, are you sure the monitor has power and is hooked up correctly? Are you coming out of hibernate or standby mode? Give a few pc specs please.

there really isnt anything that happens it skips safe mode and all. i checked all the plugs like you said and surpirsingly everything is intact. its not coming out of hibernation. just a normal powerup except the login screen doesnt popup

thanks for the quick reply

Do you have any kind of boot CD, maybe a windows XP cd or Vista dvd or even a linux distro. If you do have something, try and boot from a cd and see if your monitor is really working.

yeah im sure the moniter works cause i can still see the mouse cursor but i seem to have misplaced my treboot disk is there perrhaps another option where i can toy with the setting to get it working again?

can a lack of memory space cause this to occur?

Well, if you can’t see the screen there isn’t much you can do. Even if you had a linux cd and it worked it still wouldn’t help you troubleshoot you windows problem. Did you change something, either hardware or software, just before this problem began? You can’t even get to a restore point without seeing the screen. I don’t know about the lack of memory, you never gave any computer specs. Do you know if your graphics are built in or do you have an add in graphics card?

Turn your computer off …
Disconnect your monitor …
Open your case up …
Pull out the video card (ensuring you remove any screws & undo the latches).
Put the video card back in firmly … don’t hit it.
Reconnect your monitor & turn the PC back on.

Failing that, boot from your windows CD and do an INSTALL-REPAIR INSTALLATION.

thats sound advice but the moniter and video card works perfectly, reboot doesnt seem to work either does this ever occur because of a lack of memory?

and a additional question my drive spaces were distributed oddly when i got it somehow the c drive is only 8gigs d drive 60gig and the other 75gig is there some way for me to redistribute the hard drive space?

You ask about the lack of memory but you still haven’t provided any computer specs. It would be very helpful to know what kind of computer you have, make and model #, also what OS, how much ram, how fast cpu, what kind of video card, etc. You can resize you hard drive (partitions) with a program called Gparted, just google for it. You will have to burn it to a CD and then boot from that CD.

thanks i nevre new about gparted i tried to check but didnt no how to so i asked my brother for the general specs. it has no model number lol its built from some chinese computer store. its windows xp pro it has 512 ram p4 3.2 cpu, on board video card

I don’t believe you have a memory problem or else you would have gotten some kind of error beep/beeps at bootup. 512MB or ram should be enough to get your screen showing. Also, I think there must be some way to boot into safe mode. Try pressing F8 during bootup, that key sometimes works but not always, on my pc I have to press F2, with others it’s F1, but one of your F keys should get you into safe mode and from there things will be a lot easier to troubleshoot.

i tried to run it in safe mode as well but all that happens is a black screen with safe mode on all four corners, i dont think my computer likes me lol

Well, you could have a virus, I really don’t know. When you are in safe mode, do the old alt/ctrl/delete and see what processes are running. You should have explorer.exe running, if not, select file/new task and type explorer.exe and press ok. It might work it might not.

i tried that but it didnt work because i didnt even get to login

Well, I’m pretty much out of ideas. If you don’t have an install cd to do an installation repair you don’t have many choices. You’ve double checked everything in the bios? Unless you can get an XP cd, you might want to try a linux distro, maybe do a dual boot for now until you get your Windows problem sorted out. Good luck and let us know if you get everything working again.

Have you tried reseating the video card yet? :slight_smile:

i tried the video card again that isnt it im afraid.
err how do i use gparted lol im egtting confused by it i tried to make c drive larger but i cant seem to get it to work

it finally worked everything is back thanks everyone i used the xp repiar method worked like a charm.

but i still need some help with gparted please

Glad you have your computer back. What exactly are you trying to do with Gparted?