Help Please-Write Error Lite On and Sony Media

Lite-On 1673 Model. I recently begun recieving “write error” with dvd-r. I recently changed from TDK media to Sony media. Could this be the problem. I know for a fact that the media is good as I burned a dvd with my stand alone table top dvd recorder successfully. Is there a conflict with sony dvd-r with this Lite-On brand. I had no problems until I changed media. I was able to burn one successful backup with the sony media and since then none of the other media was able to be written to. Please help. I get an error “10 11”. I am a novice when it comes to updating firmware and just considering going back to TDK. Do any of you good people know if there is a conflict here. Please help. I had no problems before now. Thanks-

@ mrfantastic
We need a little more info from you. What are the MIDs for the media you are using. What is the firmware in your liteon. What burning program are you using. What burn speed are you attempting. Can you save and post an error log? Did you do a ‘search’ of the forum for your problem or a ‘search’ for your media type in this forum or the media forum to see what kind of results others are getting?