Help please with sims 2

Hi! From what I have been reading on this forum, I understand that if I have a supporting burner that works well without emulation, then I could use alcohol 120% or discjuggler to create a perfectly working copy of my sims 2 cd. But if my burner doesnt support this, then I would have to use clonecd and use the emulation setting when I try to play the game.

Am I correct?

Also, where can I find out if my burner (toshiba sd-r2312) works well to use Alcohol 120% instead of clonecd?

Finally, if it turns out that it is compatible, then would I have to create an image file and then burn it, or can I create my copy using copy wizard (alochol 120%)?

help is really appreciated

1.) Yes

2.) Download a trial version of alcohol and TRY it out.

3.) Best to use image file then burning wizard