Help please with removing Riplock from my LG BH16N40 drive

Hi everyone - my first post here so please bear with me :blush:

Anyway I recently purchase the LG BH16N40 drive to use to back up my (region 2) DVD collection - it has V1.04 firmware installed -

The problem is it will only copy files at 3MBS - my old pioneer (used for region 1 disks) copies at twice that

I believe - after reading loads of stuff on it on the web and discovering ‘riplock’ - that this may be the problem and I may be able to roll back the firmware to an earlier version to remove this?

So I guess the question is - is this correct and if so how do I go about it?

Thanks in advance & Cheers

My LG/Asus bluray drive seem to also have this “riplocked” slower behavior when ripping movie dvd discs.

Instead of wasting time trying to play with the firmware, I ended up just buying a separate $20 LG dvdr drive (no bluray) which doesn’t have any riplock at all (such as a GH24NSC0 or GH24NSD0 or D1, D5, D6).

Thanks jcroy but I need to copy my Blu-ray disks as well - almost half are Blu-ray🥴