Help Please with Mad Dog!



I’m new to this DVD backup business, but I have always burn cd’s. Well I recently bought a Mad Dog Multimedia LightScribe 18x Triple Format DVD-RW Drive, External, USB 2.0 / FireWire I have updated the firmware from mad dog site for this drive after I called them. The problem is I cannot successfully burn a DVD. I use the external as the reader and writer and even tryed my notebook as the internal reader of a DVD but still doesn’t work. I started using anydvd which works fine, and clonedvd2 which reads the dvd fine but when it writes and usually burns and then stops around 61% and says failed with error-WriteDVD 10 11 W2. I only tryed one type of blank DVD’s and they are (Maxell DVD+R/ 4.7GB- up to 16x). I also tried to use DVD Shrink with Nero and still not getting results. I’m not even sure if i’m doing anythign right or this drive is bad. Well if someone have any suggestions please tell and let me know what type of other DVDs should I go buy and try thanks.


So is anyone awake out there, still looking for help- Should I just send this Mad Dog drive back? Someone reply or Im me on Aim at id0notkn0w


I would try a different brand of media (Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden) and lower burn speed. You don’t mention at what speed you attempted, but for most 16x media, 8x or 12x will provide the best results.


I’m glad someone is trying to help, Yes I been just leaving it at Max but I’m trying now at 4x, I’m about to go to the local Rite-Ad to see what DVDs they got, This drive supposelly use any type- is there a certain type I use try i Have DVD+R?


It is not type but the brand of media like “Verbatim or TY”


If those are Ritek-made Maxells, as I suspect, Max speed isn’t a good idea.

Let us know how the 4x burn turns out.


Verbatims can be bought at OfficeMax, Best Buy, etc. Taiyo Yudens will need to be bought online at,, or the like.

Your drive should handle both + or - R just fine.

Maxell outsources most of it’s production to companies that have less than stellar reputations (Ritek :Z is the worst offender).


Why is all I hear is use Verbatim and TY DVDs? I don’t understand why the others don’t work? Well I tried with 4x writing speed but it stopped burning at 20% with the error WriteDVD 10 11 W2 again. I’m going to stop by the local store and see if they have those dvd brands if not i’m just going to grab any other then these Mexell(which i don’t know if are ritek-made). I also checked and my DMA is enable.


The reason you hear more about Verbatim and TY are because most if not all members have very good results with them, don’t get it wrong the other brands are OK but seem to get more coffee cup coasters with them :bigsmile:


Try to use another brand of media like Sony, Fuji or Verbatim and use DVDShrink in conjunction with Nero Burning ROM.


Also you find that different brands of burners just don’t like certain brands of media as an example my pioneer burners just don’t do well with Sony media but work just great with TY’s and Verb’s so go figure huh


16x media isn’t quite what older medias were either. There is a much smaller selection of 16x media that it good or even usable compared to what we had with 4x and 8x medias. Its hardest to burn at 16x too making things even worse. There are only a few 16x medias that I would even touch (but at least a dozen 8x ones). 16x maxell are only going to be good if made in Japan but those are quite rare. I would personally get verbatim as they are one of the few that make good 16x media and are easy to find (that is mcc are easy to find as that is what verbatim are).


I tried Verbatim DVD+R and I still get the error? I see others are to like I said I never successfully burn a movie yet. I’m also hearing to remove other packet writing software??? I hear to change booktype/bitset to DVD-Rom??? I just won’t to burn a movie, I’m thing I’m just gonna return this one and get a common one like everyone else? Why did I get a Mad Dog? Does anyone have a Mad Don LS 18X?


May be you should post exactly what hardware/Software you have in your system, since in above post you mention you have pocket writing program if that is the case you better uninstall it reboot and try to burn the DVD with regular Nero or ImgBurn program and see if that help. Pocket writing program is nothing but trouble and headache.


Because the others are made by companies trying to maximise their profits at their customers expense, since they recognise that most people are ignorant and intend to take advantage of that fact as much as possible.

These DVD’s may work … but a few months down the track deteriorate anyway. The result is that you have to back it up again anyway a few months down the track.

Buy good stuff, it saves you time and money.
My free-time is valuable.

Please put a blank verbatim DVDR disc into your drive and run the nero infotool & post the resultant log between # code # tags.


I wonder what the DVD backup biz is…

Anyway, using other media like Verbatim and TY is always a good idea.


It’s a figure of speech, chef :slight_smile:


Ah, good to know. 'Im a bit short with english “figure speeching”. :bigsmile:

Thanks arachne.


It’s been explained by others and also we don’t want others to keep making coasters with crappy media. We are only trying to help you make the right media buying decision.


Look like you are asking for advice to solve your problem, but when members try to help you and provide you with ones you reluctant to use them. We try to help you here if you really need one.