Help please with Liteon LVW-5115

Dear friends ,

my cousin from USA send me this unit and the problem is that i can’t setup tv chanels here in GREECE that i live
In the section of countries has only USA and CANADA , has anyone any idea how can i add more countries from EUROPE in order to search for tv chanels with EUROPE system?

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Unfortunately, the US Lite-On DVD recorders have an NTSC hardware tuner, where as the European version has a PAL hardware tuner. This basically means that there is no way of converting the DVD recorder to PAL, at least without physically replacing the internal tuner circuitry. :doh:

It would be worth checking to see if there is a ‘TV Type’ option in the System menu. If so, chance this to PAL as this would at least let you record from PAL sources connected up to the composite inputs. However, even if this option is present, it will do nothing for the TV Tuner issue.