Help Please with Firmware for NEC ND-4570

Hi All,
I’m quite new here. Just bought the above burner & then read some negative comments regarding frimware on this site (I know I should have done this the other way around!). I’m concerned that I’ll get poor quality copies when I start using it & it will be very choosy about which disks I use.
My questions are very basic (sorry) :-

  1. How do I check which firmware version my hardware has?
  2. if its out of date, where can I get the most up to date, standard firmware
  3. once downloaded, what is the standard way to update the firmware (i.e. is it all straight forward?)

I’m on XP.

Many thanks in advance

Hi daveob_1234 and welcome.
Couple ways to check:

  1. Download and run Nero CD-DVD Speed, freeware and a very comprehensive and useful utility. It will give you lots of info re: burners, firmware, media, etc. (see attached image)
  2. Navigate to device manager…(see attached image)

Take a look at The NEC F.A.Q. thread …all your questions should be addressed.

Hope this helps.

Sorry, reversed the order of images below…

Unfortunately there is no other official firmware available for the 4570.

There is modded firmware available but that would void your warranty.

Thanks guys