Help please with Clone DVD2 (Elby)



Can someone tell me how to erase the titles that appear in the pull-down bar at the top of the second page of Clone DVD2? I understand that by un-checking the box on the fourth page which asks if I want to “Add Vido_TS Directory to Path” will do this for current titles, but I want to delete the titles that are already there and search manually.


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Perhaps viewing the AnyDVD-CloneDVD User Tutorial ( will be helpful to you. Also the CloneDVD User Manual can be easily accessed by clicking on the “Help” icon located on the top right hand concern of CloneDVD.

You can easily navigate in the CloneDVD software program and select whatever files you desire by clicking on the little “Brower Icon” and manually search for the particular files you desire.



You can’t delete them (unless you unistall / reinstall CloneDVD), it is a least recently used list.
To search manually, click the “browse” button.