Help please with backing up oldish DVD's

Hey guys,
Ive started backing up my DVDs using DVDFAB Platinum , and i have just tried copying an older one but it failed 15 minutes in with an error.
Here is what it said:

Analysing of DVD started
Analysing of DVD started completed successfully
Copy process started
Task_1 failed! Error=400(100 0 42 160)
Process Failed

Ive read a few posts and people have asked the poster what type of cd drive they have, but im not sure how to find this out?
Is there any other info u need to help?
The disc does have a few light sratches, is this why?
is there another way to successfully copy?


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You can use a program like PCWizard to tell you all.
[B]See here:[/B]
& it’s free.
It may be that you DVDRW needs a f/w update. But!
As far as your problem goes it may be a dirty or scratched disc that is the cause.
Try cleaning disc.
You may have to try some kind of scratch remover, but use these very sparingly.
You might prefer this [B]VSO Inspector[/B] as it does all you need. See attached.

Error 400 is usually from a dirty disc or a protection that has not been seen yet. Try cleaning the disc or it may be scratched , if you just bought it try another.

thanks .
i d-loaded VSO inspector, and it says the firmware is 1.17, PIONEER DVD RW DVDR - 109 ,
theres more, but i dont know how to paste the printscreen on here?? :rolleyes:

Hi becca17 and I second zebadee’s welcome to cdfreaks,

As alan said, this is most likely due to a flawed disc (dirty, scratched, etc.,…) rather than a copy protection issue. Take a microfiber cloth (lens cloth) and something innocuous like windex (nothing that will harm plastic). Clean from the inside toward the outer edge, ie., like spokes on a wheel and not in a circular fashion.
You can also try Brasso metal/plastic polish for a really marred surface. Don’t worry, this is a time tested method… ;).

Have you tried to bkup other discs?
As zeb said, a firmware update could be and is in order…your firmware is old.
I hate to recommend this if you’re not comfortable since you can ruin your drive with an incorrect or bad “flash”. On the other hand, it’s an easy task to perform.

Here’s a link for pioneer’s official firmwares:

To post a screenshot, look up near the top of the pag…the first orange bar.
Click on FAQ > Reading and Posting Messages > What Are Attachments?

Hope this helps.

Hi becca17,

Are you using the latest version If not, please try it to see the result.

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