Help please , which program to backup dvd's with?

Hello all im new to this whole computer thing and found your site and must say i like it alot. My computer is 1.1 ghz computer 40 gig and has 192mb ram and am running xp pro on it and have a pioneer dvd burner ( A04 i think) and a pioneer dvd rom.Im looking to find a program that i can back my dvds up with i have tryed dvd x copy and it will not work i do not know why ( when i try it it will work for awhile but then the buffer starts to go all crazy on me and jumps around from 97 down to 0 and then it will continue to do that for awhile and then it will just freeze and no errors come up or anything so i cancel burn and i always get the error program not responding). I can burn through nero on dvds if im backing up my computer and burning apps and i can also burn music cds to and it works fine. Does anyone know of another program i can use to copy my dvds to burnt cause i am always travelling so i dont want to scratch the hell out of the origianals as they are pretty costly. If you have any sugestions they would be greatly appreaciated and i would love to hear them Thanks:bow:

use dvd decrypter to decrypt the movie 1st (do the whole movie even if you dont want the whole disc)

i tried fooling about (im new too had a dvd writer for 7 days)

found dvd2one was really pretty good & quick. & VERY easy to use. its about ร‚ยฃ33 but for newbies like us its very good & you can get a trial version that does 30 mins to see if it seems to work on your set up (similar to mine except i got old windows 98SE)

you can either rip just the movie. if its a dual layer disc,
or you can use it to compress the WHOLE of the dual layer disc (DVD9) to your writable dvd , the quality is pretty damn good (i done goldmember & scooby doo & compared them to the original & picure quality was v similar if you consider its usually doubled the compression of the main movie. most layman would have to look hard to notice the difference)
burn the new files to a dvd-rw (that was if u messed up you go again) try it on a few dvd players, also try different media, some are better to write to than others.
i use the latest version of nero, but use something your comfortable with, but use the latest version.

thats what ive learned in 10 days.

Good luck.

DVD decrypter to HD file, recompile to HD file using DVD21, burn using Nero express. I was told of this, tried it and it works.

I donโ€™t copy on a regular basis but was interested in seeing if it could be done. It can, :slight_smile: a full movie can be put on a 4.7 gig disc, minus the extras; subtitles, chapter menu, etc.

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Hi, the answers above are ok. I can give some more information.

  1. You need to copy the DVD to your HD, for that use DVD Decrypter ( or Smart Ripper ( They are many guides how to do it. If you use Smart Ripper just press Backup and then Start and wait.

  2. Transcode. I will need one of the three Programs DVD2ONE, DVD95COPY, or INSTANT COPY 7. Opinions are very divided about which one is the best. I own the three and it all depends on what I want to do. DVD2ONE is very fast, DVD95COPY is not as fast, IC is very slow. Personally, I use DVD2ONE if I want movie only, when I want menus I use DVD95COPY. Because it gives you the chance to remove languages while for now DVD2ONE does not allow (you can do it but you will need extra steps).
    As for easyness of use, they all are very easy, IC offers more options to play around. These programs will create the files what will contain your movie that you will need to burn.

  3. Burn. Use Nero (latest version) or RecordNow.

  4. Play it and Enjoy.

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If you want the best quality and not the quickest way to do it. And Movie only, then DVD2SVCD with CCE is your answer. Hvae a read of the tutorial here