HELP Please What am I doing Wrong

I have been trying to burn PCanywhere 9.2 and it works fine as long as I use a computer with a CDR on it . When I try to load the program using a CD in a computer it won’t load it gives me a error code of internal error 2724 about 3/4 through. I have closed the session, closed the CD I have DL three different PCany thinking it may be in that DL I am using ezcd 4 and ezcd 5Plat. The CD are 80 min Platinum What am I doing wrong.
Thanx Pegasus

did you try other burn software as well or only adaptec EZ

No EZ 4 & 5 are the only ones I know do you think that is the problem Ive never had this before but I am just a novice
Thanx Pegasus

i’d say give a try with cdrwin( )