Help please w/dvd recorder (standalone)

hello i have been checking the newbie posts for over an hour and still cannot find the help i need so i hope you can help me

i have a panisonic dmr e55 dvd recorder and i ma having a lot of trouble with getting the dvd-r discs to finalize

now i called panisonic (on hold for only 38 min…wow) and the guy said that the reason was cuz i bought the 50 pack of media and that if i had bought a smaller pack (15 - 25) that i would not have so many fail at finalizing. does this make sense to you

i could be wrong but i would think that they have the same stuff coming down the line and just switch the packaging as per needed …this is how we did it at oral-b but that was toothbrushes hahaha so i don’t know

basicly i just want to record my tv shows on dvd until the box set for that show comes out. i have been doing this for years (even befor dvd box sets were avalible) on my vcr tapes. the problem is i don’t want to record the show (usualy 4-6 episodes per tape (now disk)) just to find that when i go to finalize that it does’nt work and i no longer have those episodes.

dvd-r are cheap enough that i don’t mind recording only once (so long as i know that it will work) i have some dvd ram but they are more expensive and i can’t use them on any of my other players. i know they record cuz their is no finalizing. this player cannot use dvd-rw at all

i hope someone can get back to me soon as the last day i can return it is this week

My E85H likes better quality media, If I feed it the real cheap stuff about 40 percent wont finalize or just crash the machine before it’s done with the burn.
I have some nice Verbatim mcc stuff that I’ve only gotten one disk that wouldnt work so far.
Youy might want to check to see what they recommend for media, many manufacturers have a approved media list so you can be sure it’ll work. My PC drives are way more forgiving of media most of the time.

thanks so much …so what do you think just don’t buy memorex …i read the disc compatability part but it just said use our discs…i think i’ll keep it, always had good use out of panisonic…again thanks so much for your help

It probably has a older Panasonic dvd-ram pc recording drive inside that can also do minus r media so you have better cpmpatibility for dvd players as most wont play RAM disks. It also appears that they don’t release firmware updates either becuase whatever drive it has wont take flash updates or they don’t want consumers muking up the machine. So your kinda stuck trying media or finding their list, if you know who actually makes the media for them just buy it in the real brand instead of theirs. The media I have that it hates just has a Sony Mid code and seems to be not even Sony, just some phony code put on really bad media so PC burners will try to burn it and you’ll think your getting good stuff. Both of my main PC drives even burn poorly to it, and that says a lot as they both so pretty well with most fair to poor media.
The media I bought is Verbatim Datalife, mid code is MCC 01RG20 and is sposed to be 4x rated. I would think TYG02 minus should work well but I havent tried those yet.