HELP PLEASE Trying to back-up a DVD-9 movie to a DVD-9 disk. How?



Hello I am a new member here and I’m also new to the DVD Burning scene. I’ve been having problems burning a back-up of a DVD-9 Movie to a DVD+R DL disk. I’m using Verbatim’s which are 8.5 disk. My DVD Burner is a Samsung H522U 5X Drive.

Programs I’ve tried are CloneDVD2,1ClickDVD,Nero,and DVDshrink. I have not been sussessful at all :frowning: . I like CloneDVD2 interface and how it is easy to use though when I go you burn to DVD file which is saved to my harddrive it says the movie is too big for the 8.5 DVD+R DL, when the movie is only 7.3 gigs.

I have heard that CloneDVD2 has a problem with Dual layers. Nero seems to share the same problem. 1Clickdvd seems to lock-up when it begins to burn. DVDshrinks has errors when it uses nero to burn the DVD. So I’m out of choices.

I have Anydvd installed. I have the latest firmware updated. I have the hardrive space. I just don’t know of a good program that would do this. I want to keep the original DVD qaulity and that’s why I’m trying to put the DVD file on the DL.

Can someone her suggest a great program? I’m looking for something easy to use and has great features to keep the quality etc. Any help would help. Thanks! :bow:


You need DVD decrypter and save it as an ISO and then burn it as an ISO.
Good luck.


Or you could use Copy to DVD. It works good on DL blanks. 21 day free trial.


I second what PC-guy said. Vey easy with decryptor.

One question though what program are you using to burn from your HD to dvd+R DL disk?


:slight_smile: Thanx guys! I have found one program that dose a great job. The only problem is my DVD player dose not read it though it plays fine on my PC.

Program used is Swiftdic 1.64. It’s easy and has the right stuff to burn. Thanks for the help guys.

Tell me if this program works for any of you here! My cousin found the program and hooked me to it! :iagree: