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Hi everyone. I was given an LG RH7521W dvd recorder by a friend. All setup works, records and replays off HDD, plays cds… but wont recognise dvds… ive tried bought dvds, copied, and downloaded movies burnt in dvd format… any ideas people?
The Garbo


I have one:


so the idea is to get a dvd burner??


Oops, I meant here:

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[QUOTE=The Garbo;2040302]so the idea is to get a dvd burner??[/QUOTE]

Yes it would seem that the DVD part of the drive has failed for some reason.
It won’t hurt to open up the machine and try a working pata DVD drive, possibly a spare from one of your computers.


Hi All! I’m a newbie. :confused: I also have an LG RH7521W and have applied the crack and have rec’d the message “Congratulations! Region change free.” However, I still can’t play DVDs. Does this mean my player is now “All Regions”? Machine bought in Australia but I live in Indonesia (the land of cheap DVDs). What should my Area Code be? Any guidance much appreciated.