HELP PLEASE! sosw-852s

OK i have a Slimtype SOSW-852S it is brand new and installed. when i go to play a blank disk it freezes my exploer up i cant burn anything and it seems as though i cant play anything that was burnt either, i tryed to get the firmware, though i really have no idea what im doing and all i can find is a bin file which i dont know what to do with, i am currently in iraq so its hard to do much as it is, can anyone please tell me how to fix this, if there is a firmware i need or drivers can you post a link where i can find it and how to install it.
thanks for your help.

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I wouldn’t start playing with your firmware yet. :wink:

1/ What media are you using?
2/ What happens if you put a CD in the drive, will it read that?
3/ Use Nero Infotool to generate a report with all option checked and attach it to a post as a .txt file or place it in code tags.

1/ i dont have the media with me but i tried several diffent types
2/when i put a dvd in it works fine(most do anyhow) if i ut a blank disk in it doesnt do much of anything other than make some noise and freeze up if i click on the drive under my computer. i will get a music cd to put it in later i cant right now im at work.
3 neroinfotool is downloaded and ran it hope i did it right i ran it with a dvd that i knew worked in it. i think this is what you wanted for a report, sorry donno much about computers :frowning:

thanks for your help im so lost and i really wanna get my cd drive working right again, its hard to get anything done out here though.

That was perfect :). There’s nothing obvious in the Nero report.

You’ll need to eliminate a few things. It’s most likely an addon program that’s causing the problem.

Try these one at a time:
1/ Using device manager delete the IDE channel driver that the drive is on. In your case the secondary channel. Then reboot.
2/ Disable all startup programs by using “msconfig.exe”.
3/ Remove any burning software (Nero…), especially packet writing software like InCD or DirectCD. You’ll find a list of the burning apps that are looking for a blank disc by using “Click my computer, right click properties, autoplay tab” click the “Select an action…” option to scroll the list.
4/ Perform a Windows repair by booting on the Windows Installation CD and following the install prompts.

wow thanks for the help ill see what i can do some of that is over my head but i can probly figure it out. mainly this one.

1/ Using device manager delete the IDE channel driver that the drive is on. In your case the secondary channel. Then reboot

but ill see if i can figure it out, donno what im gonna do about nero i dont have a way to put it back on if i take it off thats whats killing me. other than that ill go step by step and try to figure it out. i thank you for your help and ill tell ya if i have any success