Help Please Someone

I have a Averatec 3200 with a slim type sosw-852s dvdrw drive and it didn’t read any disc except for the longest yard dvd, it couldn’t burn or play anything except that. So one of my friend said that he knew how to fix it so I trusted him and let him try to fix it. That Stupid IDIOT flashed it with a sohw-832s cg5j firmware and now the damn thing won’t even open and the light doesn’t come on, but my computer see’s it as a sohw-832s and the device manager says its working fine. I tried to go back and flash it with a firmware ps01 for the sosw-852s and it gives me an error failed to write bin (023A000) and my mouse keeps on showing me the disc icon like there’s something in there. Can someone please help fix this problem and get my dvd drive working?


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RE your problem. You may have to use MTKFlash at DOS to restore your drives firmware. See this section in the LiteOn FAQ: