Help please re driver update (gsa-4120b)

I just bought a gsa-4120B which turned up (unexpectedly) w/o software etc. I’ve installed it & CD’s are working ok, CD R & RW. But I can’t play a dvd video. Device manager shows Microsoft 01/07/2001 5.1.2535.0, so I followed the links & downloaded the firmware for A111, installed it, but no change. Device manager still shows the MS driver - have I missed something fundamental? Or can’t I use it all w/o Nero or similar?
(I’ll take some time & look thru the other posts later - good to find somewhere I can ask very basic q’s without feeling really really stoopid) Thanks

5.1.2535.0 from Microsoft is fine, I have the same. The only “software” I got was a owners manual in PDF format. I did not need to install any other software.

Windows Media Player should be able to play DVD’s

OK. Winows Media Player says I don’t have a compatible DVD decoder. I thought this was the firmware I just downloaded (A111), but presumably not. Looking at the microsoft links to ATI, etc, I don’t understand what I need, is this decoder related to the pc itself or just the dvd unit?

You need a software DVD player if you wanna watch DVDs. Example : WinDVD, PowerDVD… etc.

Get one of those and you’ll be able to watch DVDs on your PC.


When I read the fine print on that OEM version of Nero that came with my 4120b, it said that it would not play a DVD. In other words, crippleware. But what do you expect for free? I would get a full version of the latest Nero which is

You dont need a driver. Windows automatically assigns it’s own drivers. You need a program like PowerDVD or Windows Media Player (which you should have) to watch DVD’s on your computer.

The full version of Nero doesn’t PLAY a DVD either. At least not without help. The NeroVision player works the same way windows Media Player does, it relies on CODECs installed on the system. To play a DVD, you need to install a DVD CODEC. When you install a newer version of one of the software DVD players, it will install a DVD CODEC to the system, so you can play DVD movies from any player that has hooks to access the codec.

PowerDVD sells the CODEC separate from their player for those that don’t like powerDVD’s player. There are no (legally) free DVD CODECs because the CSS has to be licensed.

OK, thanks for this extra info. So, I need to get something like Nero AND a codec, then I’ll have some chance of starting out! (Or I’ll just play dvds in the lounge!)

Well, no,

You dont need nero to play DVD's, you do need a DVD codec so that existing programs such as windows media player can play (decode) DVD's,

alternatively you can aquire a full player program as mentioned before such as WinDVD or Power DVD, they will also install the codec allowing other ‘players’ to play dvd movies,
Playing DVD movies is not at all related to drivers or firmware, it is a similar case that CD-R and DVD-R drives can be recognised by windows as a CD/DVD-ROM drive, yet you can still use programs like nero to record with those drivers.

This also isnt necesarilly LG trying to rip you off, as mentioned DVD decoders cannot be free as a result of licensing, so including it in the package would increase the total cost, and many people have their own preference as to which DVD player they like best, so bundling such software would be almost pointless.

download a demo and see for yourself:
hope that helps,