Help Please! Quake 4 / Nero 7 Outrage

I installed Nero 7 (upgrade from Nero 6) and found that Quake 4 will no longer load. I’ve tried unstalling and reinstalling both in various combinations with no result. Quake 4 played fine before I installed Nero 7. Its seems to be something to do with the copy protection in Quake but I can’t find or get rid of the offending registry entry. Quake 4 installs and plays OK (without openAL) in XP64 trial edition (I have a dual boot machine) but the trial runs out soon. I’ve run Registry Mechanic after uninstalling Nero but it made no difference. Also I’ve noticed that even though I chose not to install Nero Home the (Nero Home) process still runs.

It’s outrageous. What’s wrong with Nero? I only use it to transcode old camcorder tapes to DVD. But the copy protection in Quake seems to be detecting it and refrusing to load. I wish EA would state clearly on the packaging the programs that the copy protection will detect and prevent execution.

Can anyone please help me to either 1)Completely uninstall and get rid of all traces of Nero 7 or 2)Let me know how to get Quake 4 to load.

Fixed. System restore to pre Nero 7 then installed Nero 6.