HELP PLEASE! Problems with DVD/RW

hi guys

i need sum help here and very confused.

ive been using the LG 4160B for 8 months now perfectly without a problem but since from about to weeks ago when i burnt sum files and videos for a friend he told me that they were all blurry and files wudnt open. I thougth it must of been a prblem with codecs on his computer but that wasnt the case.

So i burnt myself a disc with sum video files aswell and foud the same problem using any dvd or cd which i alwayz use.

so i thought it must have something wrong with the burner so i took it back to the shop i bought iit from and they are sending it back to LG to fix , meanwhile i bought the new Pioneer DVR 110!!! i installed it a little while ago and found the same problem is happning now!!! ARGHHH im so stressed now.

i thought it had to do sumthign with mynero but it isnt i reinstalled nero but still no luck.

I have no idea what is wrong, while burning every seems ok it burns completely without errors but teh file sdont seem to be burnt on correctly.

can some1 please help if possible i know its hard to understand the problem unless you have expereinced this before.

thanks for reading

any sugggestions greatly appreciated


Never seen that. How about using system restore to roll it back to when it worked correctly if it is a software issue.