Help new computer is stuck in CMOS Setup Utility and I can't get out?

I was installing a new SATA HDD when I went into the CMOS to see if it was set right. Now I am frozen on the CMOS Setup Utility screen and I can’t get out…I’ve entered every key that gives me an option; like Esc, etc. nothing works…what can I do?

The yellow light on the computer is on “steady” as well…

Will I lose the BIOS if I shut it down while in CMOS? Help Please. Thank you.

Reboot by pressing Ctrl,Alt,Del… worst thing is ,you’ll have to reset Bios to it’s default setting…but stay back in case it blows…just kidding !:wink:

I did a reboot and got back on track without incident. The new install was a success.

Thanks for responding.

reboot fixes almost everything except my wife every time I reboot her she gets mad.:D:D