Help please... my liteon sohw832 drive has burning problems

guys, i dont know what happened to my liteon sohw 832s, i was burning smoothly…i think i burned 3 dvd before this happen…on the 4th dvd, i noticed that it had taken around 10mins to go past the 1% mark on nero…then it burned smoothly to 100% until the 30th min wherein it took a long time again to finish the lead out by nero…i think it took around 15 mins because the whole session lasted for 50mins…burning at 2.4 x which normally takes 22 mins for me…anyone knows how to remedy this?


the lite on sohw 832s also cant read the burnd dvdr(coaster) but it can read previous good ones

I had a similar problem with a crappy disk.

Try burning to another disk and see what happens.

In addition to the suggestion above, have you tried to see if using other software (DVD Decrypter is freeware and can burn DVDs) helps?

Also, as suggested by the forum’s posting guidelines, it would be helpful if you could provide more information because there really isn’t much to work with right now (read the guidelines, as it’ll suggest what information would be useful to provide).