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Hi. (I posted this here because for some weird reason, I can’t post in the Liteon/Sony forum - when I hit send, the web page crashes. Been like this for a week, even though I can post in Newbie section… Strange…
Anyways, if someone could move it there, that would be great!)

I have a new Liteon 1693s.

It burns fine, but it has the following problem:
Every time I insert a disk, it takes about 35 seconds for the drive to read the disk and to become ready.

When I click “My Computer” the screen is blank - it shows none of my Drives - for about 35 sec (only a flashlight - “searching”) and sometimes it says “Not Responding” for about 30 secs, until the Liteon has read the disk. A similar ‘not responding’ thing happens in Nero (reloaded it my version, if that helps), or any other DVD program.

Oh, and it happens when using ANY media (CDs or DVDs), regardless of whether they have been bought, burned in this drive, or are blank.

-It’s as if the drive must read the disk, and to do so takes it ages and seems to use tons of PC power.

I just upgraded the latest firmware (the 14th Aug release), and still no change.

In the past, I have seen this happen even with CD-ROM drives, on PCs that are really slow (although mine is a 2003 era Pc, I can’t see how inserting any kind of DVD would grind the system to a holt until it is recognized.

-My Slave DVD-ROM (a cheap Samsung reader) doesn’t do this at all.

Is this normal?

Has anyone else had this problem with the 1693s?

Athlon XP 2100+
Epox 8RDA+
512 Ram
Windows XP SP2

I don’t know if can be useful, but have you checked cables? Is liteon set as master or slave? Is DMA active? What PSU do you have?

PSU = 400watt

Master / Slave, I don’t know, I’ll have to check.

BTW, What’s DMA?

Read this thread

OK you’re going to laugh - my DVD-Rom is = SLAVE; my DVD Writer is = SLAVE!!!

I’m an idiot.

Ok, which one should be master & which one should be slave?

-Does it matter at which point the cable connected to the Motherboard connects to either drive? (i.e., should master be connected to END of cable, like when you’re conecting Hard drives?)

I suggest you to put burner as master.

Yes. Put master at the end of cable