HELP! please insert the correct CD-ROM, Battlefield 1942

I have installed Battlefield 1942 succesfully and restarted the computer but when I try to run the game a message comes up that says Please insert the correct CD-ROM, select OK and restart application. Apparently the disc cannot be located.

Does anyone know what to do?? PLEASE HELP ME!

I’m running into that problem myself with MechCommander2 and Braveheart. It appears that the games are protected with SecuROM, which protects it from piracy. There is a document on the web that discusses this problem( I hope this helps.

Battlefield 1942 is protected with SafeDisc 2.60
I had the same problem mentioned here. Is it running from any of these drives there? Are you running it from a burner? It is a backup disc? Are you running any emulation programs? Maybe this site will aid you or if you are running from a burner this page

Hope this helps!:slight_smile: Oh, welcome to the forums!

Ok I had the exact same problem, and Yes I have a legal version of BF1942. Here is the deal, when you install XP it assigns default drivers for your motherboard and all devices connected to it. The problem with that is BF1942 does not like default drivers, or at least that is what I am assuming. In order to fix this you must upgrade your CHIP SET drivers, and I don’t mean the drivers that came with your motherboard when you bought it, I am talking current drivers off the net. If your Computer was purchased at a retail store, then find out what the onboard chip set is and update the drivers.

I have a motherboard made by Gigabyte, the onboard CHIPS SET is made by NVIDIA, and it is called the Nforce2 series of CHIPS SETS. I neglected to update my drivers when installing XP. After I updated the Nforce2 drivers the game worked just fine. Another friend of mine had the exact same problem, he did the same as I did and now the game works just fine for him as well.

I think it has something to do with letting NVIDIA handle communication between your IDE devices and XP. Don’t really know, theory of that kind of stuff is out of my league of understanding,

My Specs:

XP-PRO Service Pack 2
AMD 2600 + 1.91 GHz
Mother Board is a GA-7NNXP
1024 MB of DDR 333 Dual Channel.
80 Maxtor 7200 RPM.
G-Force Ti4200
CD-ROM and Sony 8x DVD ±R drive

:iagree: I hope this works for ya

I had a similar problem so I used CD1 instead of CD2 and now it seems to work fine,
I will let you know if i have any more problems
hope i was helpful

is it a backup or a original?

Please ignore the 2 posts above due to the fact that they are common sense and also because it is obvious neither one of you read my post. :a

if you are going to be like that, plz ignore the last 4 posts, as the last post looking for help on the issue was 1-10-2004.

i’d prefer to read them all, though.

Was not trying to “be like that” but the only way you can play the game is with cd1, so telling him to switch cd’s is not necessary. As for the question about being a copy or not, it has no bearing on the issue. It is not a cd problem it is a system problem, does not matter if it is a copy or not. This means the two posts above are irrelevant, they are simply asking more questions that do not need to be answered here.

Not trying to sound mean, but it is the truth, and Yes I know this post is old, but this issue with bf1942 is annoying. EA games refuses to update there tech support page, and blames the problem on scratched cd’s. I have found little to no responses on how to fix this problem, but I am almost sure now that if he or anyone updates there chip set drivers it will fix there problem. I have personally seen it work with chip set updates and have seen it work with a friend of mine who had the exact same problem.


Can you tell me please how to upgrade my chip set drivers ?