Help please if you can Im desperate

Hi, sorry if this question has been asked but I have searched the guides couldnt find an answer as well as hours on net search trying to find an answer. I have used dvd shrink and decrypter…nero recoder 2 nero 6.3 burner, I even downloaded trial version of dvd fab, dvd region free etc and have followed all instructions to the letter I might add. I burnt successfully orginally using dvd shrink burning iso image with decrypter and then out of the blue some of the discs were not able to be read by either media player, stand alone player or Power DVD. :a

I used the nero function to read info about the just unreadable burnt disc and it says the following:
SESSION 01 (4,466MB)
TRACK 01: 0 4,572,256KB Data (mode1)

the ones that have been sucessful read as follows using nero info function:

SESSION 01 (4,466MB)
TRACK 01: 4,572,224KB UDF/1SO9660(mode1)

Im using a Lite-on DVDRW SOHW-812S. I am using princo disc 4x dvd recordable disc 4.7gb.

Also after searching internet I have updated firmware and omni patch using your guides and instructions in this site. dont know if that makes a difference. Tired burning again and now the dvds only freeze up power dvd, media player etc and I get format not recognised. When puttin in stand alone player I also get format not recognised. Im totally messed up…Ive gone from getting great copies to disaster…help please if you can. :confused:

I would appreciate any advice as I have now wasted about 10 expensive blank dvds and I really dont understand why its happening. Any help will be muchly appreciated. Just a point I did uninstall and reinstall both programs just in case that might help. Sorry about the length of this message but I thought I should put in as much info as possible… :bow: :sad:

Sounds like a media problem,try slowing the burn to 2x. Get your hands on a better make of disc or try a DVD-RW.

thanks bamo for reply…I will try burning at slower rate and I will try using dvd-rw instead of dvd-r…is the speed important too…I mean the ones Im using say x4 …should the dvd-rw’s be a certain speed…
thanks again…any help solving this is muchly appreciated… :slight_smile:

it look like you chose the wrong mode in nero. when you create a new project in nero, make sure you chose UDF Mode.

thanks for that …so just checking on the nero burning rom should I have clicked on udf/iso ??? the guide I followed from nero said burn with dvd-video…

yeah, give that a try. that’s what i’ve always used and so far, so good. there was a guide that i got that info from but i can’t locate it now. if i come across it, i’ll post it.

You have Nero 6.3 so ONLY burn in DVD-Video mode and they will work. Also Princo would have to be some of the absolute lowest quality DVDR ever made, dont expect any of them to work. One batch might, the next will not. Get some decent media , such as Ritek, and you wont go wrong.

thanks cm…its funny really not till I started asking ??? did I find out that princo is so bad. I have taken advice from friends who have been burning for a while and they all said use those. But I went out and got better ones today. I tried getting Ritek or Verbatim but was unsucessful for Ritek ones. I did get Verbatim though and made sure that they had metal azo recording dye proprietary. As yet I have not tried one but I will do shortly so I will let you know.
Thanks again for advice much appreciated…I suppose we all learn by experience and Im a newbie but Im learning heaps just by searching the net for answers…its quite interesting really. :iagree:

i thought UDF allowed for more compatibility. ???

:bow: :bigsmile: A big thank you for all the advice…I just sucessfully burnt a dvd…woohoooooooooooooooooooooooo. Using Nero 6.3 and obviously better quality media. Thanks again to all. Fingers crossed it wasnt just dumb luck… :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks again frankie

I know you guys will be sick of hearing from soon… :o

just tried another burn…all went well till it went to burn…nero froze…came up with writing lead in…then…address lock.writing short lead out…

sorry didnt get the correct wording…anyway had to end task as nero was not responding… :confused:

I checked the disc and nothing responding with this disc…I used lite on smart burn to see what it said and it read as follows:

Drive Type DVD DUAL

Im stumped…does that mean its a faulty disc …??? or is it to do with the burning of the movie…can you believe all this for a movie my mother wants…“an affair to remember”…maybe its an age thing movies over 20 years old dont want to be copied…lol… :smiley:

Yes it does, in DVD-Video mode for ver 6.3.x, it burns in UDF/ISO mode which is what a commerial bought DVD is.

Keep searching for Riteks, try some net sites. Verbatum unfortunately change their suppliers quicker than I change my undies :smiley:

I use DVD Region Free and Nero Recode (copy DVD to DVD). I have not yet made one faulty copy. I tried everything before this great combo. Oh yeah, check the web site of your drive to find out what media is compatible. Use ONLY compatible media. This will save you time and $$$