Help please! I am having strange problems with my Asus DRW 1608-P

Hi there poeple, my name’s shenko. I am having problems with my Asus DRW 1608-P it is a DVD-R/RW,DVD +R/RW, + CD-R/RW burner in one. Problem is that: I use three burning softwares: Nero 6.6 , Record Now 4.50 with came with my Compaq Presario PC and normaly the windows CD writing wizard drag and drop.

And I recently used Record Now to make an exact copy of a music CD, by then at 98% complete burning the system had frozen and leaving me no other choice to restart my pc. After that Windows does not recognize the burner as a writer only as a CD -ROM. When I right click properties on my burner it does not have the record tab anymore only the InCD nero thing. And strange enough after that my burner still does burn DVD’s and CD’s and read them with no problem with Nero and Record Now, but the Windows CD writing wizard is missing and I cannot use drag and drop on it anymore. Drag and drop I can now only use with Nero and record now.

I’ve done all this : 1.;en-us;316529 I did look in the regedit run and changed value to 1 to 2 NOTHING HAPPENED.
2. I have uninstalled the drivers in device manager and restart it. NO SOLUTION
3. I took the whole thing DVD/CD burner out of my pc. NO SOLUTION.
4.I have looked in the services IMAPI CD put it on start and automtic NO SOLUTION.

All this were useless and I am begging for someone to help me getting out of this nightmare. What strange is that it does burn and read all CD’s and DVD’s.

The problem lies in too many burning applications. You have to pick between nero, roxio, incd, and windows, dump the rest.