Help please: High PI and PIF on 451->832S

What to try?

I am using a 451 -> 832S (firmware CG5G) and I have recently started getting unsatisfactory burns. This started exactly when I got new media (Verbatim MCC 02RG20). From the reviews I’ve read it seems that I may have a bad batch as people seem very pleased with this media. I am consistently getting PI’s averaging in the high 300’s/low 400’s and PIF’s around 4. Prior to this media I was getting some very nice burns (always PI’s less than 100 and PIF’s around 1 or 2) using the same firmware. I did a reset of learnt media ('cause I didn’t know what else to try) and that of course didn’t change anything. I get similar result when I use the VS0E firmware.

Did I just get a bad batch or is their something else I should try?

Of note. It burns data files fine, but when I play my DVD backups they are practically unwatchable at times (on my old crappy RCA DVD player).

Thanks for any help

I think so :iagree: you just got a bad batch and you should try something else ! :iagree:

@ Saydee
Welcome:). My favorite media at this time is the FujiFilm 8x +R stuff that is ‘Made In Japan’ printed by the UPC symbol. It comes in 25-, 50-, or 100-piece cakeboxes and is often on sale at Best Buy(in the USA) for ~$0.40/disc. They should have the ‘YUDEN000T02’ MID.

I am assuming you are following good burning procedures, like defragged HDD, no computer activity during a rip or burn, etc.

You may also want to Kprobe your data file burns… bad burns caused by poor media are rarely limited to video burns only…