Help PLease, dvd drive wont read

I have been using the SONY RW DW-D22A for 3 weeks with little problems. Then gradually it started to say insert blank media when there was already one in the drive. So i just kept working my way down the spindle untill 1 worked (assuming it to be cheep discs) but now it will read hardly any of the discs. So i bought 2 more different types and still the same problem.
Then i tried just playing a Retail dvd in the drive and it wont read that. The light comes on but the comp does nothing.

Is this a common problem?

Thanks for any help :smiley:

Hi same problem I have nec dvd rw nd 1100a any suggestiouns?Thanks Lee


Hello, there! There was someone who recently reported a similar problem… the resolution to his problem seemed somewhat odd (note ala42’s post at the end), but the thread is still worth a read, I think. You may want to read that thread, and if you have any further questions or information (you have not given us much info to work with right now), please post it in that thread…

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Please do not crosspost. It is against forum rules. I am responding to your post in the NEC forum…