Help Please !drive 5 not found

I had a Sony cdrw and a Philips DVD 8801(Benq 1650) in my dell XPS.

I replaced my Sony CDRW with a Pioneer 111d, and after the install on start up I get the following:

Drive 5 not found: Parallel ATA, PATA-1, (Pri IDE slave). When I look at it in BIOS it is turned on, but says drive is unknown

In BIOS it says: Drive 5: Parallel ATA
Port- PATA-1 (Primary IDE Slave)
Drive Details- Unknown Drive

In BIOS, DVD 8801 says: Drive4- Parallell ATA
Port- PATA-0 (Primary IDE Master)
Drive Details-Philips DVD +/-RW DVD8801

On my Primary IDE channel, The Philips shows up as device 0, and the Pioneer should show up as device 1.

Also, the Jumpers are both set to CSL, because that is the way they were set to before, and the Dell literature on my drives say that is the way they set them up, so I did it the way they recommended. Also I have the 40 Wire harness I believe, because the ends are all grey.

I can play DVD’s in the new Pioneer, but when I try to test it
by backing up a movie with AnyDVD, It gives the movie summary info but when I go to clone DVD and try to open the VTS folder, it says “error file not ready”

What am I doing wrong?

Have you tried putting the Pio as Master? I know they can be a bit fussy in that respect. :slight_smile:


I was updating my post as you responded I guess.

No it is set to CSL.

Both factory drives were set to CSL because that is the way Dell recommends, so I left them that way

Also I was thinking, Should the Benq be Master, or the Pioneer if I decide to change them?

Since the device plugged at the end of the harness is device 0(master) If I set the Jumper to master, will that device also have to be at the [B]end[/B] of the harness? The device in the middle of the harness is Device 1(slave) so I would have to put that Burner’s jumper to slave?

Oh yeah, After I put in the drives(I switched the position of the Philips from device 1 to 0, then put the Pio in the device 1 position), they were both showing DMA settings of PIO, I got the Philips to change to UDMA2, but the Pioneer is still showing PIO even though I changed it to Auto detect/ Use DMA if available.

I also updated the post to show how they read in BIOS, and to add I think I have the 40 wire harness.

Do I need to Update drivers or something?

I feel like such a NOOB :confused:

Thanks for the fast reply :flower:

Master and Slave I think might be best with the Pio installed, although someone may correct me.

I’ve been reading on here that Pios like to be Master (yes, that’s at the end of the cable - Slave goes in the middle). Luckily BenQ drives aren’t as fussy, and both my 1650s have done well as Slave. :slight_smile:

I’d swap that 40 wire cable out for a new 80 wire one if you can, though.

You won’t need drivers, Windows should just auto-detect the drive. As for firmware, let’s leave that til your drive is being recognised properly. :slight_smile:

Yep I agree with Arachne. Set the drives to Master and Slave and if you can set your bios IDE stteings to Auto or Auto detect.:slight_smile:

Thanks, Let me shut down and see what happens. Ill post up when I’m Through

First time I have ever heard someone with a reason to use cable select, as its now a defunct/legacy/DOS thing left over from much older hardware days when you had to assigned an interrupt to the side of the controller needed for the drive.

But then it shows what the people at Dell know, probably not had new prompt/reply cards on the help desk for 20 years :slight_smile:

Hehe, my mum’s got an eMachine which I left set to CS with a 40 wire cable on the Secondary IDE.

Luckily it works fine with the drives that are in it (Litey 1635S and my Sammy). I was just too lazy to change it all once my mum took possession of it.

Some drives, such as Lite-Ons, can handle a CS setting. A guy that I work with actually sold his Benq 1655 though just b/c he was too stubborn to set it as a Master or Slave, though the drive was recognized he said it wouldn’t burn over 2.4x.

That’s really weird…one of my BenQ 1650s was also set to CS on that machine, no problems whatsoever with buring :confused: …maybe a difference between the 1650 and 1655?

O/T I called Dell once then promptly built a new machine.:stuck_out_tongue: As a mod I shouldn’t pick sides but my personal preference is home built.:iagree:

Could be a MB incompatibility, could be anything. I just don’t see any reasoning in selling a drive simply cause you are too lazy to change a jumper. He’s been through about 15-20 drives in the 3 years (mostly NEC’s) since I’ve known him so it probably won’t really matter.

I whole-heartedly agree with that now that I know I can do it and not frig’ something up.

Going a bit OT, true, but I too agree. My current system is a home build that’s been running along fine for the last 4 years. :slight_smile:

I think the Dell type of computer is ok…just, for the basic/average computer user that is not going to upgrade the hardware, other than getting a new box to run the new windows OS they think they need :slight_smile: you know the e-mailer, web surfer google’ing to help with the kids homework basic sort of stuff. Anything more becomes a problem, I have found all the ones I have see as dead end units that have problems when it comes to ‘real’ upgrading, unless they have changed that way they do things in the last 6~8 years.

Not to keep this too OT… if rbraughn is still having problems it might be better to pull both drives and just start with the one that did work ok as the master replace and run it up check it all works good, then re-try with the problem drive so you have a known good setup/cable/controller…

Thanks !!!

All seems fine now. I changed to Master and Slave…It now shows in BIOS, and the DMA settings show UDMA 4 for the PIONEER and UDMA 2 for the Philips/Benq. :clap:

Also As far as the ANYDVD/clonedvd2 problem, I am ashamed to admit it but what the He*# I’ll fess up, when I went to pull the VTS files, it was still defaulted to E Drive, so of course it was empty since the Pioneer is on D drive LOL. I browsed for the correct folder and now all is good. :o

I guess it is time to think about flashing it to enable all the good stuff like riplock/Ram etc (am I crazy? I couldn’t even swap the drives correctly, Now firmware updates :eek: …LOL)

Anyway, I thought the cable ends were All grey, but the Master is black and the Slave is grey. It sure looks like more than 40 wires in the flat cable though. Can I simply replace the cable with the 80 wire(unplug old/plug in new) also where would I get one? Frys is close or order one on-line ?

Actually, the Dells aren’t so bad. The last one lasted over 6 years and never had a problem(Still works,I gave it to a couple at Church who home-school their kids). I upgraded the RAM and Graphics card no problems.

I am not a gamer, so my new one is sufficient. XPS 2.80Ghz Dual Core/ 2 Gigs of Ram and 250Gigs HDD. I also Upgraded the Video card. I can say it doesn’t seem as sturdy as my older one though. Maybe once I get more nerve, I can build one from scratch like some of you !!

Thanks again for all the really quick replies…you guys/gals are great !!

That’s an 80 wire cable you have (otherwise you wouldn’t get UDMA4 on the Pio), and I’m glad it all works fine now! :clap:

As for modded Pio firmware, I have no idea! Maybe try heading over to the Asus/Pioneer Forum and having a look through some threads there. :slight_smile:

Crossflashing the 111D to 111L is actually pretty much a no-brainer. You need to flash it twice though. Once with the TDB 8.19 RPC1 firmware, then with the 8.26. This will enable DVD-RAM and Labelflash (which is not much good to anyone since the discs for it are extremely difficult to find). Also will make the drive region free if you have discs for multiple regions, so no more changing region setting.


Thanks for the info, I will give it a try


Cool, so I wont have to mess with the cable then !!

Thanks again everyone for all your help…I’m sure it wont be the last time lol

guess it is time to think about flashing it to enable all the good stuff like riplock/Ram etc

It might be a good idea to wait for a few days/week just to check there are no problems, I doubt there will be, but just to be on the safe side in case something crops up, but that could be my silly side talking… why take all the fun out of life :slight_smile: