Help please - Copying for MP3 player - CDS200

Hi folks,

I’m new to the forum but am sure the following is old news to you - any help would be really appreciated.

Just bought a new CD over the www, it arrived at home and I went to copy onto my Muvo mp3 player. CDEX (V1.3) wouldn’t recognise it as cd files only data files. I have been looking around to try and ID the problem - have identified that the copy protection is CDS200.

My dvd, Pioneer DVD115 will play it sporadically but generally doesn’t like it, my cd re-writer TEAC CD-W54E recognises it, reads but as above, only as data files.

I have tried upgrading to CDEX 1.5 but it hangs my machine.

OS is Win98se, I think I have up to date drivers but the Pioneer site is not v clear.

Any suggestions / advice gratefully received.



Do youhave autoplay enabled. Some of these protections take advantage of that. I think holding down the shift key while inserting the Disc disables Autoplay to launch.

What software have you tried to copy so far?

Have you tried to see if you can make an image?
Try CloneCD.
Also try Exact Audio Copy or AudioCatalyst to see if it can read and rip the tracks.

If CCD successfully makes an image you can later convert to ISO via UltraISO and then use WinISO to extract music files from the ISO. Then any wav -> mp3 proggy can convert for you to port them over to your mp3 player.

Report back after trying those 3 suggestions.

Good Luck!!!


Thanks for the help - I have managed to get it sorted. It took a while and in the end Audiograbber managed to do it.

Nonetheless I certainly understand the whole process a lot better now.

One thing you could explain to me though is alittle bit about the iso files - what are they there for - I havent been able to fig that bit out as audiograbber was able to xfer direct to mp3 in then end.

Thanks again,