Help, Please! Computer won' boot up

For some reason, my computer won’t boot properly or won’t boot at all. When I turn the computer power on, the drives won’t spins up, but the fans does run. However, there are no POST beeps and no display - the monitor does not power up, and my hard drive’s light will only be red for about 1 second.
So I have to turn all the electricity off, and then turn on my computer again, and do it for about 10-15 times, and then luckily, the hard drive’s light will turn red for a time and the drives will spin this time, so I have to press the reset button like 3 or 4 times in order for me to boot to windows successufuly - Once up and running it all works fine, until it has been turned off. If I do turn if off for like couple minutes and the turn it back on, this problem won’t exist, but If I do leave it off overnights, then I have to go through all that again.
What do u think the problem is?

It might be the power source if u have 2hdd, dvd’s and a lot of coolers and an watts eating vga card it is advisable to switch to a more powerfull source such as 350W or 400W